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Every legend has a dark side. Twenty-two years before Dragon King’s reign, an empire emerged. An empire whose single aim was the annihilation of life. Relive the tragic days of the Shadow War.

After the death of king Haziel of Draken, his son, Hazulem, proclaimed himself emperor of Dracorum. Through the invocation of the First Hierarchy demons, he imposed its reign of terror all over the planet. Experience the story of a group of ill-starred heroes that decided to make a stand and change the course of history forever.

Fight like Kandar, the barbarian, Tatsu, the ronin, and Valentia, the Amazon woman, and defeat the dark secrets of Emperor Hazulem. Reclaim your honor and take your place within the legends.

Holmgang is a hack n’ slash at its core, and each character will have their unique combat style and executions. Besides, you’ll be able to craft your own combos in the combo editor and evolve each character’s skill tree, to make the experience truly unique and personal. During the game, you’ll face different enemies with different behaviors, weapons and weaknesses, so your gear and combo configuration will decide if you’re victorious! 

In Holmgang, you’ll explore the world of Dracorum by land and sea, finding friends and foes along the way. Some of them will give you quests or sell you unique items, but others will try to deceive you. Choose your path wisely, because there’s not only one, and some of them have intricate environmental puzzles that could lead you to a certain death. Besides, each main character will be able to access secret areas, with rare loot. This adds a high replayability factor, like any good old “metroidvania”. 

Remember, there's no one right way to play the game… so experience them all! 

The visual art style of Holmgang is defined by a balance between soft watercolor surfaces with stylish ink touches on borders and details. An artistic mix that tries to reproduce hand-made paintings. While created in 3D, Holmgang uses several techniques that sets it apart from other games. 

The music is another strong pillar, and has an orchestral epic style. There’s a theme for each character, defining the emotions of the heroes and changing with the action of the game. Beautiful melodies with great orchestrations, epic drums and multiple emotions is what you will hear in Holmgang’s soundtrack.

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More information:

Holmgang: Memories of the Forgotten is a project funded by Red.es and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Red.es Program to promote the videogame industry. These grants are co-funded by the Spanish ERDF Pluri-Regional Operative Program (POPE) 2014-2020.

Holmgang: Memories of the Forgotten es un proyecto subvencionado por Red.es y FEDER a través del Programa de impulso del sector de videojuegos de Red.es, unas ayudas cofinanciadas con el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) del Programa Operativo Plurirregional de España (POPE) 2014-2020.


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This is shaping up to be a pretty gorgeous game! I love the aesthetics, love the character designs, love those wonderful comic book style illustrations during the intro and I love the gameplay!

I really don't know what else I can add really, I don't get the chance to play too many action fighty style games like this one (maybe because I'm not looking hard enough), but this one really tickled my fancy for sure.

The way things are looking for the full version really excite me too, including the ability to take different routes with different characters and having varying abilities... wow. Super stuff!

Keep up the awesome work, I'm 100% in!

So it was cool showing me how to attack when I first encountered enemies, but it would have been better to see how in an instruction menu.

awww... why can't this be an early medieval icelandic dueling simulator focussed on the sagas?


A great demo. Love the design and the whole aesthetics. The comic book narration is top notch. Valentia is good, can't wait to try Kandar. :)

Wish you good luck with The Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks vampirshi gaming! Imagine with a whole development timing. Regards!

A good first look at Holmgang. I really want to see the other characters too, good luck with the KS campaign! 


Thanks Cryptic Hybrid! Help us share the project! Regards!

beauty game

Thanks for playing Queenfaith2020! 

We hope you enjoyed the game. 


i think ..this game is perfect for console ps4 and xbox

We think the same way. We just need support. Regards!

i think ..this game is perfect for console ps4 and xbox